About Cyclops Security

The Security Operations (SecOps) team plays a crucial role in fortifying an organization's cybersecurity defenses, safeguarding valuable and sensitive assets. 

With the rapid evolution of cyber threats, SecOps teams must handle numerous alerts and findings, prioritize vulnerabilities, and understand their risk within their specific environment.

Our cutting-edge AI-Powered Risk Management platform enables SecOps to prioritize security risks easily and answer their most complicated questions in free text. cyclops developed sophisticated AI algorithms that enhance agility and enable them to get context on every entity in the organization and efficiently remediate it . The Cyclops approach consolidates the organization's security stack and creates a single source of truth for SecOps.

Why Do We Need AI-Powered Contextual Search?

Searching for data is fundamental to acquiring knowledge and making informed decisions in various facets of life. By providing a robust platform that allows SecOps professionals to efficiently search and analyze security data, identify and prioritize risk, and gain critical insights.

Cyclops’s AI-powered contextual search understands the context and offers more relevant and accurate results. Using sophisticated AI algorithms, SecOps can get actionable insights and answer their most complicated questions, saving time and enhancing efficiency.

Our Mission

To enable SecOps teams to search their security data and get faster, more accurate answers to their most complicated questions

Led by an experienced and visionary team, we aim to enable SecOps teams to ask their security data any question to help them make better decisions and get the answers they need. By creating an AI-Powered Risk Management platform that consolidates, normalizes, and correlates data from your security technology stack, our platform enables SecOps teams to search the data, identify assets at risk, prioritize vulnerability , and remediate critical risks.

Meet Our Leadership

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Eran Zilberman, CEO
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Elay Gueta, CTO
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Biran Franco, CPO

Our Investors

With participation of CrowdStrike Falcon Fund

Advisory Board

Mike Fey

Mike Fey

Investor and Advisor

Island CEO

Anthony Belfiore

Anthony Belfiore

CISO Advisor

EX – JP Morgan CISO

Ofer Smadari

Ofer Smadari

Advisor and Investor

Torq CEO

Seth Robbins

Seth Robbins

Strategicy Advisor

CyCode CRO

Marc Degaeteno

Marc Degaeteno

Sales Advisor


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