Harnessing the Power of AI

The incorporation of AI in the Cyclops platform accelerates security operations, enhances their efficiency and effectiveness, and improves their ability to strengthen cyber defenses.

Cyclops’ Three-Tiered Utilization of AI

Cyclops's platform automatically consolidates alerts and data-points from all security tools, using autonomous AI-powered correlation to normalize, enrich and analyze it, delivering a contextual AI-driven security data fabric that you can easily query using natural language.

Autonomous AI-Powered Correlation Engine

The Problem

Data appears in different technology solutions under various names and formats.

Our solution

Cyclops employs AI to automatically identify, categorize, normalize and deduplicate the data gathered from various security solutions, allowing the system to further correlate it, and analyze it accurately.

Cyclops QueryIQ 
and Risk Dashboard

The Problem

Users don’t know what they don’t know, what they should look for, what they should focus on.

Our solution

Cyclops QueryIQ leverages AI to suggest useful queries that provide important and actionable insights to users, based on the organization, user role, query history, and current trends.

Cyclops Co-Pilot Natural Language  Search

The Problem

Learning a query language slows down adoption and limits usage to well known query templates.

Our solution

Cyclops harnesses the power of AI, specifically Large Language Models (LLM), to decipher and comprehend free text entered by users in the search window, simplifying the search process for users.

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